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Shirdi is one of the most religiously acclaimed towns in India. The place is known as the abode of highly praised saint Sri Sai Baba. It is only the charisma of the saint that the outlandish town in Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra is today visited by large number of devotees, believers and disciples from all around the world. The place is now among most revered places of the state. Thousands of visitors visit the place just to get a glimpse of Sri Sai Baba and pay their respect to holy Samadhi. The rituals and prayers that go around Baba’s Burial site are worthful to watch. You can visit the following places in sacred shrine of Shirdi-
Sri Sai Baba Temple-It is located in the heart of the town and valued for having the burial site (Samadhi) of Baba. There is no charge for visiting the temple and it is free but if you do not want to wait in long queues for Darshan, you can buy Rs.100 Pass issued by Temple trust. You can spend only couple of minutes at main Samadhi due to huge crowd waiting for turns.

Gurusthan-It is the tree where Baba was first spotted meditating by local natives of Shirdi. The temple premises also have Burial sites of Baba’s prominent disciples. The book store inside the temple premises is the best place to buy relevant books on Baba’s life, philosophy and teachings.  

Dwarakamayi- It is the name of the Mosque located opposite to the temple complex. Baba resided in the place for unbroken span of sixty years till his Samadhi in 1918. It houses Dhuni the Fire that Baba always kept burning. You can also see some of Baba’s belongings as grinding stone, fire place, and his sitting stone in the place even today.

Chavadi-Baba used to sleep in the place in every alternate day and is located next to Dwarakamayi.

Khandoba Raya Temple- It is located on highway, at around seven minutes walk from the temple. It is the place where Mahalsapati first welcomed Sai Baba and recognized him as ordinary saint.

The holy shrine has well developed connectivity from surrounding regions. You can find frequent car, cab and taxi rentals available with Shirdi tour packages at customary prices. The most frequently used conveyance that is Taxi from Mumbai to Shirdi helps thousand of devotees to visit Shirdi conveniently. You can collect info about fleet rentals from online portals of reliable travel operators. 


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