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The iconic capital of Mughal dynasty during its heydays, the Agra city witnessed the establishment of wonderful parks and gardens influenced by mughal architecture. You can find these structures doing well even after the huge span of time. The enticing gardens provide aesthetic appeal to the city and attract large number of nature-lovers and architecture-admirer from all around the world. Mughal gardens are based on Islamic style of architecture that heavily influenced by Persian gardens specifically the rectilinear layouts within walled enclosures. The typical features you can always locate in these structures include pools, fountains and canals inside the garden. The prominent gardens and parks in Agra city suitably maintained by the local authorities are as follows:

Mehtab garden- located next to river Yamuna, this garden provides you the fascinating sights of Taj Mahal. It has around 30 minutes distance from the Taj Mahal premises. It is amongst the famous attractions of the city and also known as moonlit garden. It gives you an unmatched experience of royal mughal era with serene walks along the banks of River Yamuna and hearing the chirruping of birds.

Taj Mahal garden-designed as per Persian style of architecture, the beautiful garden mostly features the religious motifs. The unique style and sporadic serenity draws large number of visitors to the place.

Ram Bagh garden-it is located around two kms in the north of Taj Mahal. It is built as per charbagh pattern. The garden area has four divisions created by waterways and paths. It has beautiful fountains and water-canals. It is an architectural splendor in Agra and famed as Bagh-a-Gul Afsan.

Further, you can visit Shah Jahan Park and Dayal Bagh gardens to applaud the iconic creations of Mughal architects. You can perfectly unwind and relax in the gardens amidst fresh air and outspread tranquility. The city has well established network of major modes of transport, so you can reach Agra easily. The customary travel rentals help you reach the place in suitable and economic manner. Take help of online rental portals to get details about cost-efficientDelhi to Agra taxi and avail a hassle-free journey. 


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