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The name Hubli made from ‘Hu’ means flower and ‘Balli’ means creeper in Kannada. The small city but sturdy industrial hub in north Karnataka is the part of second biggest conurbation of the state. The twin cities of Hubli-Dharwar are unified by single Municipal Corporation. The city is an emerging trade center with little scenic beauty. It is worthwhile to experience the amazing concoction of culture and commerce in Hubli.

The city considered as center of growth and development of software technology in south India. The industrial hub is noted for its handloom textile units and cotton and iron production. The city houses many cotton ginning and processing mills that contribute in the production of final products exported to western countries such as America. It is recognized for being the headquarters of south western railway zone and owns century old railway wagon workshop. 

It is located around 20kms from administrative headquarters of Dharwar. The historical threads of the city knotted with legendary Vijaynagar Empire. It is earlier known as Raya Hubli. The city has agrarian lands that produces peanut and cotton in large quantities. You can sense the rustic India from lush green fields and breezy climate. The spiritual land of sages and poets is now turning into technological hot spot.

The city has large number of ancient and historical tourist spots. It also has famous natural sites in proximity of 200kms. Thousands of travelers from nearby cities as Bangalore and others visit the city for trading, visiting and holiday trips. The reliable taxi from Bangalore to Hubli can make your journey easy and trouble-free. You can fully enjoy the trip with comfy, swift and economical travel rental solutions. 


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