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The city beautiful Chandigarh is the first planned city of India after independence and praised for its modern urbanization. The city has several gardens in it and often called ‘city of gardens’ by the visitors. The union territory has significance as capital of two prominent northern cities Punjab and Haryana. The city has wide avenues and world class infra including nicely connected transportation networks. You can reach the city by using any of the usual modes of transport and enjoy amazing outing in the city.

The city has various tourist attractions including Rock garden, Sukhna Lake, Pinjore garden, Dolls museum, Rose garden, and the capitol. You will get allured by mouth watering delicacies available in much popular restaurants and eateries across the city. The scrumptious foodstuff in finest bistro in Chandigarh can be enjoyed to make the trip more memorable and flavored. The famed eateries and food joints entrap you with variety of gourmets including Chinese, Punjabi, south Indian, Mughlai, and many others.

The city can be considered as paradise for foodies. It offers unforgettable taste and eating experience to the travelers. As there is large number of eateries across the city, it is helpful to travel around in personal conveyance. You can visit Yangtze and chop sticks for tempting Chinese delicacies. The hot millions can be visited for sizzlers, burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, hot dogs and scrumptious Mughlai. For other Indian and intercontinental delicacies visit Connoisseur. Thus you can have appetizing delicacies in well praised eateries in the city. If you are visiting the food city from national capital, so should hire Taxi For Chandigarh for trouble free journey between the cities. 


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