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Your trip to Delhi cannot be completed without visiting the grandiose Red Fort located in Old Delhi. The magnificence of Historic mughal dynasty and receptacle of current political significance, the 17th century fort complex attracts travelers from all around the globe. It has become a prominent tourist attraction for visitors to Delhi and welcomes thousands of native as well as foreign tourist everyday. The site has been declared as world heritage site by UNESCO for being exquisitely and lavishly constructed historical building. Earlier it served as the residence of Mughal Emperors and now preserved as the heritage site by government of India.

It was constructed by the mughal emperor Shah Jahan, who also built the iconic Taj Mahal in Agra. He commissioned its construction in 1638 when decided to shift his capital from Agra to Delhi. It took ten years to complete the grand complex consisting elegant palaces and structures inside it. The bravura design is essentially credited to famed mughal architect Ustad Ahmad. The use of extensive red sand stone on massive walls surround the fort derives its name ‘Lal Quila’ mostly famous amongst Indian natives.

The mughal architectural grandeur attracts visitors not only for its exquisite palaces and stalwart construction but also for brilliantly fascinating light, sound and cultural shows depicts the city’s history in impressive manner. The show conducted here everyday except Monday and comprises the performances by prominent artists and performers. You can enjoy the shows without giving any charge or fees. You can reach Old Delhi by taking usual mode of transportation and then take a walk to the majestic structure. If you are looking for more comfortable and hassle-free ride to the old Delhi trip, then choose reliable car rental services for convenient old city trips. 


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