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The sacred shrine of Shirdi is amongst most famous pilgrimage center in India. The place is crammed with devotees, believers and Baba’s disciples all around the year. The beloved saint Sri Sai Baba lived in Shirdi for almost all his life and served the poor, ailing, destitute and unaided people. He devoted his life for the welfare of society and served the poor and sufferings all his life. There is no such details are available regarding his origin, early life and religion. Some devotees believe that he was the incarnation of lord Shiva while other believes that he exemplify the lord Vishnu.

The famed religious site is visited by large number of devotees including native as well as the foreigner disciples. You will find that the people of different caste, creed and religion visit the holy site equally. Baba himself was the supporter of communal harmony and taught everybody the love, peace and equality. His teachings guided the disciples of every religion and beliefs. Baba died on October 15, 1918 and become the inseparable or can say soul part of Shirdi’s history. An attractive temple has been constructed on Baba’s burial site in Shirdi and now recognized as famous Shirdi Temple.

The place is well connected from surrounding famed cities and can be reached by using any of the usual modes of transportation. The suitable and economical car, cab and taxi hire services are available for round trips to the Shirdi. The religious trip can be planned between the months of October to march as the place not only has pleasant whether at that time but also it is the time of great festivity in the temple. So enjoy the spiritual ride to the most enlightening place Shirdi located in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. 


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