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Are you the one who got tired from routine job and monotonous Monday to Sunday life? You need a relaxed ride to the city of fun and fares, Goa. Being the corporate and industrial hub, the Pune city is flocked by large number of working population migrated from varied regions of the country. This hard working populace has its habitual routine and hardly gets time to enjoy life.

 A trip to Goa can be a complete stimulant for all such corporate personnel. Both the cities are well connected by developed travel network. You can find numerous options as car, cab and taxi available for Pune to Goa ride. Once you reached the city of carefree sandcastles and splendid sea-shores, you must visit the following places in Goa for restful day outings and frolic night outs:-

 Turtle Beach-The long pristine stretch of Agonda beach is a famous place for sunbathing and relaxing. Most mobile network do not works here, so it’s a place for Monday morning fatalists.

Anjuna- It is the home of most popular night clubs of the city. You can ask for open air parties in some of the partying clubs. The prevailing culture of western partying makes the places more happening but requires extra precautions for Indian natives.

Calangute-It is amongst most popular tourist destination in the Goa city. The relaxing sand beds for sunbathing, water sports and hassle free town ride are major attractions of the town. There are many other beaches that can be visited in trouble-free Goa city tour. 


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