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When you talk about Agra, the first thing comes in your Mind is enchanting monument of love the Taj Mahal. The iconic structure attracts with its chaste beauty and tranquil vicinity. It is the most preferred tourism destination in India and witness huge influx of travelers across the globe. The city has two other UNESCO acclaimed world heritage sites namely Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. All prominent monuments in the city belong to Mughal Empire and depict the impressive history of Mughal dynasty.

The renowned Monument of love Taj Mahal regarded as wonders of world. The untainted beauty of Mughal masterpiece is applauded not only by the native visitors but also by foreign tourists. It took 22 years constant working by 20000 laborers and artisans to build the structure. It was constructed by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in fond memory of her beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. You can also enjoy Taj Mahotsav held every year in the banks of Yamuna River near Taj Mahal during Feb-march. It is worthwhile to be the part of feasting nights of Taj Mahotsav.

The city still preserves the majestic monuments of medieval period. You can start the city tour by visiting the monumental landmarks. The brilliance of Persian, Indian and Muslim architecture can be observed and applauded by exploring these historical structures. You can reach the city by using any of the usual modes of transportation. The city has well developed network of railways and roadways. The states run buses and private car, cab and taxi for Agra connects it to nearby cities. If you believe in love, humanity and peace then you must visit this eternal shrine of love depicting the undying spirit of love.   


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